OPEPA - 7 - Science :: Physical and Chemical Reaction

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Course Content / Subtopic list:

  1. Physical and chemical changes
  2. Story of carbon - dioxide and oxygen
  3. Chemical changes in our daily life
  4. Reaction of copper sulfate with iron
  5. Effect of heat on potassium Permanganate
  6. Reaction of copper sulfate with calcium hydroxide
  7. Effect of heat on copper hydroxide
  8. Rusting of iron , preventions of rusting
  9. Crystallisation , fermentation , galvanisation

Expected Learning Outcome:


  1. Define physical change
  2. State the characteristics of physical change
  3. State the characteristics of chemical changes
  4. Observes various examples of chemical changes in their daily life
  5. Explain the rusting of iron and its prevention
  6. Define crystallization

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