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[Contributor - Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about the reproduction and types of reproduction in animals

Subtopics to be covered:

  1. Male and Female reproductory system
  2. Oviparous and viviparous animals
  3. Metamorphosis

Learning Outcome:

  1. Students know about various types of asexual reproduction in organisms
  2. They know about internal and external fertilization
  3. They are also aware of the various stages of a zygote

[Contributor - Kripa S]

(Source - Bodhaguru) (Hindi - reproduction in animals)

[Contributor - Kripa S]

1. Get an egg that you normally eat. Do you get a chicken out of the egg? If not, why ? Discuss about unfertilized eggs and how are they formed.

2. Find in your family who do you look like, who do your siblings look like. Is there any similarity with any of your family members? Why so?

3. In you classroom, check whether you look similar to anyone. Is there any similarity with any of your class mates? Why so?

[Contributor - Shachi Patel

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Fertilisation फर्टिलिसशन निषेचन
Sperm स्पर्म वीर्य
Zygote जयगोटे युग्मनज
Embryo एम्ब्र्यो भ्रूण
Metamorphosis मेटामॉरफोसिस कायापलट
Binary fission बाइनरी फिशन द्वियंगी विखण्डन
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