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[Contributor - Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about light, laws of reflection and types of reflections

Subtopics to be covered:

- Laws of reflection

- Types of Reflection

- Kaledioscope

- Parts of our eye and eye care

- Braille system

Learning Outcome:

- Students know what is light, how single and multiple images are formed

- They know how visually challenged persons use Braille system to read and write

- They also know how to care their eyes, diseases affecting eyes, etc.

[Contributor - Kripa S]

(Source -Smart Learning for All) (English - Laws of reflection)

(Source - Bodhaguru) (Hindi - light and shadows) (Hindi - properties of light)

[Contributor - Arshea Bimal]

1. (what lenses and mirrors do with light)

2. (sunlight your home)

3. It is possible to cast multiple shadows of an object at the same time. Try to understand how this can be done and try to create this on your own. Observe the intensity of the shadow in this case. Observe the players in a day-night cricket match.

4. Observe and understand how and why the length of the shadow of a light pole changes during the day.

[Contributor - Amitesh Patara] (answer key)

[Contributor - Deepali Pandey] (ppt)

[Contributor - Fathima Nazar]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
ANGLE OF INCIDENCE ऑंगल ऑफ़ इन्सिडेन्स आपतन कोण
ANGLE OF REFLECTION ऑंगल ऑफ़ रिफ्लेक्शन परावर्तन कोण
BLIND SPOT ब्लाइंड स्पोट अंध बिंदु
BRAILLE ब्रेइल अंधों के पढ़ पाने के लिए उभरा
CONES कोन्स शंकु
CORNEA कॉर्निया स्वच्छ मंडल
DIFFUSED/ IRREGULAR REFLECTION दिफ्फ्यूज़्ड / इरेगुलर रिफ्लेक्शन विसरित / अनियमित परावर्तन
DISPERSION डिस्पेरशन विक्षेपण
INCIDENT RAYS इंसिडेंट रेज़ आपतित किरण
IRIS आईरिस परितारिका
KALEIDOSCOPE कलेइडोस्कोप बहुमूर्तिदर्शी
LATERAL INVERSION लाटेरल इन्वेर्शन पार्श्व परिवर्तन
LAWS OF REFLECTION लौस ऑफ़ रिफ्लेक्शन परावर्तन के नियम
PUPIL प्यूपिल पुतली
REFLECTED RAYS रिफ्लेक्टेड रेज़ परावर्तित किरण
REFLECTION रिफ्लेक्शन परावर्तन
REGULAR REFLECTION रेगुलर रिफ्लेक्शन नियमित परावर्तन
RETINA रेटिना दृष्टि पटल
RODS रोडस शलाका
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