NCERT - 8 - Science :: Chemical Effects of Electric Current

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[Contributor - Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about the chemical effects of electric current

Subtopics to be covered:

  1. To test whether liquids conduct electricity
  2. Electroplating

Learning Outcome:

  1. Students know that some liquids are good conductors of electricity while some are bad.
  2. They know about the chemical effects of currents

[Contributor - Kripa S]

(Source - Bodhaguru) (Hindi -what is electricity)

(Source -Smart Learning for All) (English - electric conductivity)

[Contributor - Kripa S]

1. Take about two teaspoonfuls of distilled water in a clean and dry plastic or rubber cap of a bottle. (You may obtain distilled water from your school science lab. You may also get distilled water from a medical store or a doctor or a nurse). Use the tester to test whether distilled water conducts electricity or not. What do you find? Does distilled water conduct electricity? Now dissolve a pinch of common salt in distilled water. Again test. What do you conclude this time?

2. Test the conduction of electricity through various fruits and vegetables. Display your result in a tabular form.

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