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[Contributor - Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about categories of plants

Subtopics to be covered:

- Parts of a plant

- Types of roots, leaves

- Processes seen in a plant : Venation, Photosynthesis, Transpiration

Learning Outcome:

- Students can identify and categorize parts of plant.

- They can identify the type of a plant by looking at its roots, stem, leaves etc

[Contributor - Anu Nived] (parts of a plant)

[Contributor - Arshea Bimal]

1. Ask students to name plants:

a) Smaller than them

b) Same size as them

c) Taller than them

2. Ask students to get a leaf to class. Illustrate their different parts. Show the different types of venation.

3. We would require seeds of gram and maize, cotton wool, katori and some water. Take two katoris. Place some wet cotton wool in them. Put 3 or 4 seeds of gram in one and maize in the other. Keep the cotton wet by sprinkling water every day, until the sprouts have grown into young plants. After a week try to separate the young plants from the cotton wool. (cotton wool can be replaced with soil) Help the students observe the roots of the gram seeds.

[Contributor - Dr. Nikitha Narayan]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Climbers क्लीम्बर्स पर्वतारोही
Conduct कंडक्ट संचालन
Creepers क्रीपर्स लता
Fibrous roots फाइब्रस रूट्स रेशेदार जड़
Herbs हर्ब्स जड़ी बूटी
Lamina लामिना लामिना
Lateral roots लेटरल रूट्स पार्श्व जड़
Midrib मिडरीब मध्यशिरा
Ovule ऑव्यूल बीजाणु
Parallel venation पैरेलल वेनैशन समानांतर शिरा
Petal पेटल पत्ती
Petiole पिटिओल डंठल
Photosynthesis फोटोसिंथेसिस प्रकाश संश्लेषण
Pistil पिस्टिल पुष्प योनि
reticulate venation रेटिकुलते वेनैशन जाल शिरा
Sepal सेपल फूल की पँखड़ी का भाग
Shrubs श्रुब्स झाड़ियों
Stamen स्टामेन पुष्प केसर
Taproot टापरूट मुख्य जड़
Transpiration ट्रांस्पिरेशन स्वेद
Trees ट्रीज पेड़
Veins वेइन्स नस
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