MSCERT-Mathematics-Grade 5

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Dear Volunteer Teacher,

Kindly find the topics listed for Grade 5 Mathematics. It is of extreme importance that a bridge class be taken before deep diving into textbook teaching, the main objective being to bridge the gap in student's learning of concepts that have been taught in the previous grades.

  • Concept Teaching: Kindly follow the sequence given below along with the bridge concept.
  • Textbook Teaching: Kindly check the textbook chapter number given below and teach the bridge concept prior to the textbook chapter.


Bridge Concept 1 - Real Numbers
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 2 - Number Work
TB Chapter 3 - Addition and Subtraction
TB Chapter 1 - Roman Numerals

Bridge Concept 2 - Prime and Composite Numbers
Bridge Concept 3 - Concept of Multiplication (Skip Count)
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 4 - Multiplication and division
TB Chapter 8 - Multiples and Factors

Bridge Concept 4 - Fractions
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 5 - Fractions
TB Chapter 9 - Decimal Fractions


Bridge Concept 5 - Measuring Length
Bridge Concept 5 - Measuring Weight
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 11 - Problems on measurement
TB Chapter 12 - Perimeter and Area

Bridge Concept 6 - Measuring Time
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 10 - Measuring Time

TB Chapter 16 - Preparation for Algebra


Bridge Concept 7 - Introduction to Geometry
Bridge Concept 8 - Lines and Angles
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 6 - Angles
TB Chapter 7 - Circle
TB Chapter 13 - Three dimensional Objects and nets
TB Chapter 15 - Patterns

Data Handling

Bridge Concept 9 - Data and Graph
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 14 - Pictographs