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Geometry - Lines and Angles


Dear Volunteer Teacher,

Kindly teach the bridge concept of Geometry - Angles prior to teaching the related textbook chapters.
Thank you.

Course Content

  • Basic Geometry terms.
  • Introduction of Incline, Angles
  • Measurement of an angle, Protractor
  • Types of Angles-Right angle, Acute angle, Obtuse angle
  • Angles in a clock

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes has been listed below which will serve as your guide for what students need to learn.


  • understand basic terms used in Geometry like line, segment, Plane etc.
  • relate to the concept of an incline with a rela life example.
  • define actute, right and obtuse angles
  • and identify the same made in a clock.

PPT Deck

To make the lesson come alive, please find below PPT deck