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Course Content / Subtopic list:

  1. Equations In One Variable
  2. Inverse Proportion
  3. Partnership

English Medium

English medium textbook

Marathi Medium

Marathi medium textbook

Lesson Plan

[Contributor - Kripa S]

Objective: To introduce direct and inverse proportion

Subtopics to be covered:

- General formula for direct proportion

- Gneral formula for inverse proportion

- Word problem to find value in direct or inverse proportion

Learning Outcome:

- Students can identify whether given data is in direct or inverse proportion

- Students can solve a problem on proportion to find unknown value

- Students can frame proportion on a word problem


[Contributor - Kripa S] (ratio and proportion) (proportion example)


[Contributor - Kripa S] (direct proportion example 1) (direct proportion example 2) (direct proportion example 3) (inverse proportion example 1)


[Contributor - Kripa S]

1. One pen costs 5 rs. How much with 10 pens cost? Is this direct proportion or inverse proportion? Why?

2. In 1 day, my sister reads 20 pages of a book. In how many days can she finish a book of 200 pages? If my sister reads 25 pages in a day, in how many days can she finish the book? Is this direct proportion or inverse proportion? Why?

Additional Aids

[Contributors - Sushant Raut, Niranjan Kadam] (Answer Key 1)


[Contributor - Niranjan Kadam]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
direct proportion डायरेक्ट प्रोपोरशन समप्रमाण
inverse proportion इन्व्हर्स प्रोपोरशन व्यस्तप्रमाण
increases इनक्रेसेंस वाढतात
decrease डिक्रीस कमी
proportion प्रोपोरशन प्रमाण
partnership पार्टनरशिप भागीदारी
capital कॅपिटल भांडवल
investment इन्व्हेस्टमेंट गुंतवणूक
profit प्रॉफिट नफा
loss लॉस तोटा
business enterprise बिझिनेस एंटरप्राईस व्यवसाय
ratio रेशिओ गुणोत्तराच्या


[Contributors - Sushant Raut, Niranjan Kadam] (Worksheet 1)

Worksheets [Version 2021] (Worksheet 1) (Worksheet 2) (Worksheet 3)

Answer Keys [Version 2021] (Answerkey 1) (Answerkey 2) (Answerkey 3)

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