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MSCERT-Sci-Grade 6


Course Content / Subtopic list:

  1. Work
  2. The relationship between work and energy
  3. Forms of energy
  4. Transformation of energy
  5. Energy resources

Expected Learning Outcome:


  1. Define work, comparison between work and energy
  2. Explain the different forms of energy
  3. Differentiate between potential energy and kinetic energy

English Medium

English medium textbook

Marathi Medium

Marathi medium textbook

Lesson Plan

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[Contributor - Kripa S] (kinetic and potential energy) (work and energy - Marathi)


[Contributor - Kripa S] (work and energy example 1) (work and energy example 2)


[Contributor - Kripa S]

1. (wind energy to light energy conversion)

2. How can you save energy at home and in school ? Discuss this with your friends and list all such measures. Put them into practice.

[Contributor - Mahika Joshi]

Lesson Plan version 1.1 activities

1. Tie a string to an empty box. Pull the box through a distance of 10 meters along a straight line. Now fill the same box with 20 books. Pull the box again through a distance of 10 meters in a straight line. Now pull this loaded box through a straight distance of 20 meters.

When did you feel that more work was done?

2. Take a pulley. Fix it at a height. Draw a string over the pulley. Tie a load of two kilograms at one end. Hold the other end of the string and pull it downwards to lift the load, first up to a height of one meter, and then up to a height of four meters. When is more work done?

3. Take two balls and let one of them stand stable at the center of a table. Place the second ball on the table and push it so that it hits the first ball.

4. Take a convex lens and hold it over a sheet of paper in sunlight. Now move the lens in such a way that there is a tiny spot of light on the paper.

Additional Aids

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Lesson Plan version 1.1 PPT


[Contributor - Shahnawaz Pathan]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Work वर्क कार्य
Displacement डिस्प्लेसमेंट विस्थापन
Energy एनर्जी ऊर्जा
Mechanical energy मेकॅनिकल एनर्जी यांत्रिक ऊर्जा
Potential energy पोटेन्शियल एनर्जी स्थितिज ऊर्जा
Kinetic energy कायनेटिक एनर्जी गतिज ऊर्जा
Heat energy हीट एनर्जी उष्णता ऊर्जा
Light energy लाईट एनर्जी प्रकाश ऊर्जा
Sound energy साऊंड एनर्जी ध्वनी ऊर्जा
Chemical energy केमिकल एनर्जी रासायनिक ऊर्जा
Transformation ट्रान्सफॉर्मेशन रूपांतरण
Conventional energy resources कन्वेन्शनल एनर्जी रिसोर्सेस पारंपरिक ऊर्जा स्रोत
Non conventional energy resources नॉन कन्वेन्शनल एनर्जी रिसोर्सेस अपारंपरिक/अनवीकरणीय ऊर्जा स्त्रोत
Solar energy सोलर एनर्जी सौर ऊर्जा
Wind energy विंड एनर्जी पवन ऊर्जा
Tidal energy टायडल एनर्जी सागरी ऊर्जा
Atomic energy ऍटोमिक एनर्जी अणू ऊर्जा
Green energy ग्रीन एनर्जी हरित ऊर्जा


[Contributor - Karan Chawda]

Worksheets [Version 2021] (Worksheet 1) (Worksheet 2) (Worksheet 3)

Answer Keys [Version 2021] (Answerkey 1) (Answerkey 2) (Answerkey 3)


[Contributor - Tirtha M Anawekar] (Question bank - English)

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