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Dear Volunteer Teacher,

We have provided text book support in terms of text book links for all boards. However, it is recommended that you cover some of the grammar topics of FEC.

Kindly select the relevant board.

Board Details

Board Name Textbook Link
Uttarakhand UBSE English Textbook
Karnataka DSERT English Textbook
Tamilnadu TNSB English Textbook
Telangana SCERT English Textbook
Jharkhand JACB English Textbook
Maharashtra MHSB English Textbook
Andhra Pradesh APSB English Textbook
Bihar BSEB English Textbook
Uttar Pradesh UPMSP English Textbook
West Bengal WBBSE English Textbook


Since a PDF version is not readily available for JACB Board, we request you to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Diksha website:
  2. Click on Explore Diksha.
  3. Enter Board , medium, class, and subject - Jharkhand, Engish/ Hindi, V, English
  4. Click on digital textbook which is located to the right of the home tab