Foundation English - Level 2

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Dear Volunteer teacher,

Welcome to Level 2!

Level 2 has 4 prose chapters and 4 grammar lessons. The prose chapters have to be taught before the grammar lessons. Kindly click on each link to get started.

Thank you.

Topic Topic Link Instructional Hours
Sounds of SATPIN words The Magic of Sounds (Prose) 3
Sounds of MDGOC words Exploring Animal Sounds (Prose) 3
Sounds of words beginning with Kk,Rr,Ee ,Qq, Uu Our Sense Organs (Prose) 3
Sounds of words that have Hh, Bb, Ff, ff, Ll, ll, ss Snack Time! (Prose) 3
Nouns Shopping is Fun! (Grammar) 1
Regular/ Irregular Plural Nouns. What is in a Name? (Grammar) 1
Pronouns He, She and Them (Grammar) 1
Gender His, Hers and Theirs... (Grammar) 1