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Dear Volunteer Teacher,

A warm welcome to the Intermediate English Course 2. Building Reading and Writing stamina through Textbook teaching.

We have provided support in terms of a lesson plan, worksheet, and lesson decks for all grade 7 textbook chapters and grammar syllabus. However, it is recommended that you give priority to the eV recommended chapters and grammar topics as the Mid and End year assessments will be based on skills taught here. Kindly select the relevant board.

Board Details

Board Name Textbook Details Link
Uttarakhand UBSE-English-Grade 7
Karnataka DSERT - English - Grade 7
Tamilnadu TNSB- English - Grade 7
Telangana SCERT- English - Grade 7
Jharkhand JACB - English - Grade 7
Maharashtra MHSB - English - Grade 7
Andhra Pradesh APSB - English - Grade 7
Bihar BSEB - English - Grade 7
Uttar Pradesh UPMSP - English - Grade 7
West Bengal WBBSE - English - Grade 7