DSERT-Science-Grade 6

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Dear Volunteer Teacher,

The answer to science learning is student talk.
Getting learners to talk through concepts, practices, and understandings have the greatest impact on their science learning.
Busting myths, scientific knowledge building, reflective toss and evaluation forms a part of the science teaching process

  • Busting Myths: Help students bust the myth connected to the chapter . For eg Acids are stronger than bases. Acids are not found at home etc, through a simple question answer method/ video viewing etc and back up with an exercise to reinforce the correct learning.
  • Scientific knowledge building: Direct instruction by the teacher through use of aids and a check for understanding through questioning
  • Reflective toss: Put up a question for the day and have students work on it. For eg. Make a table and classify the following into acids and bases.
  • Evaluation: A set of 5- 6 questions that could be one word answers, T/F , label diagram etc

Physical Science

Concept 1 - Electricity and Circuits
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 12- Electricity and circuits

Concept 2- Force and Motion
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 10- Motion and measurement of distances
TB Chapter 13 - Fun with magnets

Concept 3 - Light
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 11- Light,shadows and reflection

Chemical Science

Concept 4- Fibre to fabric
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 3- Fibre to fabric

Concept 5- Chemistry in daily life
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 4- Sorting materials into groups
TB Chapter 5- Separation of substances

Concept 6- Physical and chemical changes
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 6- Changes around us

Biological Science

Concept 7- Life processes
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 7- Getting to know plants
TB Chapter 8- Body movements
TB Chapter 9- The living organisms and their surroundings

Concept 8- Food and Agriculture
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 1- Food- Where does it comes from
TB Chapter 2-Components of food

Environmental Science

Concept 8- Environmental pollution
Related Textbook Chapter
TB Chapter 14- Water
TB Chapter 15- Air around us
TB Chapter 16 - Garbage in,Garbage out