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Dear Volunteer Teacher,

Kindly teach the bridge concept of Statistics prior to teaching the related textbook chapters.
Thank you.

Course Content

  • Using the Situation-,Community building activities, data collection, prepration of frequency table and representation in bar graph and pie chart and histogram.
  • Calculating the % , Converting into angles, Construction of Pie chart-
  • Difference between btw Bar grpah and Histogram.
  • Definition and construction of a frequency polygon for the same data.

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes has been listed below which will serve as your guide for what students need to learn.


  • Represent trhe given data as a Bar grpah and convert the same into a pie chart.
  • The will laos be able to prepare the frequency table and preapre an histogram and frequency polygon.

PPT Deck

To make the lesson come alive, please find below PPT deck