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This page is to provide you with more information and to answer any questions about Wikividya.


1. What is Wikividya?

Wikividya is a multilingual, open source, free content repository project supported by eVidyaloka, based on a model of openly editable content.

2. How can I upload content in Wikividya?

Currently, you are not allowed to upload contents directly in Wikividya. Meanwhile, you can share the contents by mailing them to

3. What kind of content can I share?

You can share any content related to the topic and subject.

In case of a document, name the file as State_GradeSubject_Topic. (For example, for JH Board, 6th Science, Chapter - Water : JH_6S_Water)

In case of a URL, you may mention the State,Grade,Subject,Topic after the URL.

4. Can I edit/download content in Wikividya?

You cannot download contents from Wikividya. However, you can view and edit the contents.

5. Who can contribute to Wikividya?

As Wikividya is an open content repository, anyone who has the passion to develop content that can assist teachers and help children learn can contribute to Wikividya.

6. Who can use Wikividya?

Anyone who is interested in learning and willing to contribute towards educating children can use Wikividya.