NCERT - 8 - Science :: Pollution of Air and Water

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[Contributor - Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about air and water pollution

Subtopics to be covered:

  1. Air pollution - Cause/effects/controlling measures
  2. Water Pollution - Cause/effects/controlling measures

Learning Outcome:

  1. Students know aboutair and water pollution and how it cna be controlled
  2. They also know global warming and green house effect
  3. They also know about acid rain

[Contributor - Kripa S]

(Source -MakeMeGeniusIndia) (Hindi - Types of Pollution)

(Source -Smart Learning for All) (English - air pollution) (English - water pollution) (English - reduce, reuce, recycle)

[Contributor - Kripa S]

1. Try to collect samples of water from a tap, pond, river, well and lake. Pour each into separate glass containers. Compare these for smell, acidity and colour.

[Contributor - Fathima Nazar]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
ACID RAIN आसिड रेन अम्ल वर्षा
AIR POLLUTION एयर पोलुशन वायु प्रदुषण
CHEMICAL CONTAMINATION केमिकल कंटामिनेशन रासायनिक संदूषण
GLOBAL WARMING ग्लोबल वार्मिंग भूमंडलीय ऊष्मीकरण, विश्व ऊष्णन
GREENHOUSE EFFECT ग्रीनहाउस इफ़ेक्ट पौधा घर प्रभाव
POLLUTANTS पोलूटेंट्स प्रदूषक
POTABLE WATER पोटबल वाटर पेय जल
WATER POLLUTION वाटर पोलूशन जल प्रदुषण
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