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[Contributor- Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about light and how it travels

Subtopics to be covered:

- Reflection of light

- Concave and Convex lens

- How rainbow is formed

Learning Outcome:

- Students know that sunlight is a mix of different colours

- They know about the images formed by concave and convex lenses

[Contributor- Kripa S]

(Source - ExamBlock) (Hindi - Basics of Light)

(Source - Bodhaguru) (Hindi - Light and shadows) (Hindi - Properties of light)

[Contributors - Arshea Bimal, Kripa S]

1. (Tracing path of light)

2. Take a stainless steel spoon. Bring the outer side of the spoon near your face and look into it. Do you see your image in it? Is this image different from what you see in a plane mirror? Is this image erect? Is the size of the image the same, smaller or larger?

3. (rainbow)

[Contributor - Fathima Nazar]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Concave lens कॉन्केव लेंस अवतल लेंस
Concave mirror कॉन्केव मिरर अवतल दर्पण
Convex lens कॉन्वेक्स लेंस उत्तल लेंस
Convex mirror कॉन्वेक्स मिरर उत्तल दर्पण
Erect image एरेक्ट इमेज सीधा प्रतिबिंब
Magnified image मैग्नीफाइड इमेज आवर्धित छवि/प्रतिबिंब
Magnifying glass मैग्नीफाइंग ग्लास आवर्धक लेंस
Prism प्रिज़्म सम पार्श्व, एक त्रिकोणीय आकार वाले पारदर्शी ऑप्टिकल डिवाइस
Rainbow रेनबो इंद्रधनुष
Real image रियल इमेज वास्तविक प्रतिबिंब , वास्तविक छवि
Rear view mirror रियर व्यू मिरर पश्च दृश्य दर्पण
Converge कॉन्वर्ज अभिसरित
Spherical mirror स्फेरिकल मिरर गोलीय दर्पण
Virtual image विर्चुअल इमेज आभासी प्रतिबिंब
Diverge डाइवर्ज अपसरित
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