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[Contributor - Anu Nived]

Objective: To teach the students about heat and transfer of heat

Subtopics to be covered:

- Temperature and measuring temperature

- Transfer of heat (conduction, convection, radiation)

- Conductors and insulators

Learning Outcome:

- Students can classify items into hot and cold, conductors and insulators

- They know what type of clothes do they need to wear in summer and winter

[Contributor - Shachi Patel, Kripa S]

(Source - Eduvantage Pro) (Hindi - Heat effects and modes of transfer)

(Source - Bodhaguru) (Hindi - Insulators and conductors of heat) (how heat transfers , Radiation)

[Contributor - Arshea Bimal]

1. Ask the students to name a few things that are hot, cold.

2. Take three large mugs. Label them as A, B and C. Put cold water in mug A and hot water in mug B. Mix some cold and hot water in mug C. Now dip your left hand in mug A and the right hand in mug B. After keeping the hands in the two mugs for 2–3 minutes, put both the hands simultaneously in mug C. Do both the hands get the same feeling?

[Contributor- Fathima Nazar]
Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Celcius scale सेल्शियस स्केल सेल्सियस पैमाने
Conduction कंडक्शन चालन
Conductor कंडक्टर चालक
Convection कन्वेक्शन संवहन
Insulator इंसुलेटर विसंवाहक
Land Breeze लैंड ब्रीज़ थल समीर
Radiation रेडिएशन विकिरण
Sea Breeze सी ब्रीज़ समुद्र समीर
Temperature टेम्परेचर तापमान
Thermometer थर्मोमीटर तापमापी
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learning outcome:

Evaporation and condensation

Cold and Hot Air
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