MHSB - 5 - Maths :: Three dimensional Objects and nets

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MSCERT-Mathematics-Grade 5


Course Content / Subtopic list:

  1. Two Dimensional Drawings Of Three Dimensional Object
  2. Nets
  3. A Five-Square Net (Pentomino)

English Medium

English medium textbook

Marathi Medium

Marathi medium textbook

Lesson Plan

[Contributor - Kripa S]

Objective: Introduce 3D figures, how to draw them

Subtopics to be covered:

- Represent 3 dimensional figures as 2 dimensional figures

- Draw the top view, front view and side view of the 3D figures

Learning Outcome:

- Students know the faces of the 3D objects (cone, cylinder, cube, cuboid)

- They can identify the nets for a 3D figure (top, front, side views)


[Contributor - Kripa S] (shapes video 1) (shapes video 2)


[Contributor - Kripa S] (2D shapes) (shapes) (2D to 3D) (3D shapes)


[Contributors - Kripa S, Swapnali Shrikande]

1. Share examples of cube, pyramid, sphere from daily life. (example: ice cream cone, moon, ball, dice, brick etc)

2. Make different closed 3D shapes using 12 pens or sticks.

3. (Making a cube out of paper)

Additional Aids

[Contributor - Niranjan Kadam]


[Contributor - Shahnawaz Pathan]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Wall वॉल भिंत
Three Dimensional थ्री डायमेन्शनल त्रिमितीय
Objects ऑब्जेक्टस वस्तू
Drawings ड्रॉइंग्स रेखाटन
Two Dimensional टू डायमेन्शनल द्विमितीय
Surface सरफेस पृष्ठभाग
Thickness थिकनेस जाडी
Negligible निग्लिजिबल नगण्य
Geography जियोग्राफि भूगोल
Maps मॅप्स नकाशे
Structure स्ट्रक्चर् रचना
Cube क्युब घन
Rectangular shape रेक्टअंगुलर शेप आयताकार
Cuboid क्युबोईड इष्टिकाचिती


[Contributor - Niranjan Kadam]

Worksheets [Version 2021] (Worksheet 1) (Worksheet 2) (Worksheet 3)

Answer Keys [Version 2021] (Answerkey 1) (Answerkey 2) (Answerkey 3)

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