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MSCERT-Mathematics-Grade 5


Course Content / Subtopic list:

  1. Perimeter : Revision
  2. Formula For The Perimeter Of A Rectangle
  3. Formula For The Perimeter Of A Square
  4. Area : Revision,Formula For The Area Of A Square

English Medium

English medium textbook

Marathi Medium

Marathi medium textbook

Lesson Plan

[Contributor - Madan Mohan Behra]

Please find below the detailed lesson plan and PPT for this chapter in the language mentioned against the respective link. While the lesson plan will give an overall flow of the lesson, the PPT will include lesson flow as well as the presentations for the class. (Lesson Plan - English) (PPT - English)

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[Contributor - Kripa S] (area of rectangle, square) (perimeter of rectangle, square) (Perimeter - Marathi) (area- Marathi)


[Contributor - Kripa S] (area,perimeter,volume) (area, perimeter)


[Contributor - Kripa S]

1. Use your notebook and find the area of your bench, or teacher's table.

2. Use your pen/ pencil and find the area of your notebook. How many pens will cover your notebook?

3. Make 5 small squares of same size and cut them. How many shapes can you make using these 5 small squares? Draw those shapes in a page and show your friends

Additional Aids

[Contributor - Madan Mohan Behra]

Lesson Plan version 1.1 PPT


[Contributor - Shahnawaz Pathan]

Term Transliterated Term Translated Term
Approximately अप्रोक्जिमेटली अंदाजे
Perimeter and Area पेरिमिटर अँड एरिया परिमिती व क्षेत्रफळ
Perimeter पेरिमिटर परिमिती
Adjacent Sides एड्जसंट साइड्स लगतच्या बाजू
Rectangle रेक्टँगल आयत
Square स्क्वेयर चौरस
Length लेंग्थ लांबी
Breadth ब्रेड्थ रुंदी
Park पार्क बाग
Fence फेंस कुंपण
Plot प्लॉथ जागा
Graph Paper ग्राफ पेपर आलेख
Standard Unit स्टँडर्ड युनिट प्रमाणित एकक


[Contributor - Ashwini deshpande] (Worksheet 1)

Worksheets [Version 2021] (Worksheet 1) (Worksheet 2) (Worksheet 3) (Worksheet 4) (Worksheet 5) (Worksheet 6)

Answer Keys [Version 2021] (Answerkey 1) (Answerkey 2) (Answerkey 3) (Answerkey 4) (Answerkey 5) (Answerkey 6)


[Contributor - Abhishek Bhatewara] (Worksheet 1) (Worksheet 2) (Worksheet 3) (Worksheet 4) (Worksheet 5) (Worksheet 6) (Answer key 1) (Answer key 2) (Answer key 3) (Answer key 4) (Answer key 5) (Answer key 6)

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